Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Old Growth&membership

Mittwoch mal wieder ausm Haus gehen!

OLD GROWTH (post punk/rock aus Portland)
& MEMBERSHIP (indie-/noiserock aus Berlin und Leipzig)
am Mittwoch, den 19. Oktober im ://about blank
Beginn 21 Uhr

MEMBERSHIP mit members von Solemn League und Grave, Shovel ...let's go!, ganz frisch und exklusiv!

Wer OLD GROWTH noch nicht kennt, bitte hier nachlesen und hören:
"[Old Growth] offers up a heaping pile of youthful lyrical angst, channeling influences that stretch from early Neil Young to alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo to underground rock heroes The Replacements. " -NM, Drift Magazine

"Old Growth write stripped-down, straightforward, sometimes tragic, songs of life, to which John Magnifico (Twelve Hour Turn) brings full chords from his guitar and rediscovers melody in his voice. John's lyrics parallel his songs - simple in form, but revealing an incredible depth of narrative that could easily be overlooked. Luke's (Science of Yabra) bass drives in line with Ben's mid-tempo drumming and backing vocals which fill in the right spaces. Old Growth plays punk rock'n'roll - taking theirs and others' past to make tradition fresh." - Rich, Bakery Outlet Records

Joa, das wird bestimmt total super.

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